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This is especially true in Asia with the free fuck sites as portrayed here. In America, on the other hand, the number one value is freedom. So a lot of these people who get caught doing shameful and embarrassing shit can brush it off. They get a fresh start. And this is really what’s so awesome about America because it truly is the land of second and third and fourth chances.

You have to understand how America was formed. It wasn’t formed by the elite, the cream of the crop. It was formed by rejects. These are people who were fleeing persecution because they were outcasts so they found this haven in America where you can be who the fuck you want to be. And of course, that kind of thinking is very conducive to capitalism and that’s why America not only became a bastion of personal freedom, but also became a very rich country.

Freedom and wealth tend to go hand in hand. Unfortunately, there are lots of countries in the third world that hang on to ancient notions of shame and group based identity, and guess what? They are broke as a joke. So you have to understand this concept when looking at the different faces of free fuck finder users. Don’t be surprised to find your pastor there. Don’t be surprised to find your volunteer worker there. We all have sexual sides. I mean I’m not condoning any kind of behavior here, I’m just calling it the way it is.

We have to step away from hypocrisy and just be who we are. Unfortunately, there are still pockets of America that are so traditionalist that people feel that they have to hide. And that’s why we have many people joining free fuck finder sites who are actually the types of people you look up to in the real world. So it’s really important to keep this in mind. If you want to be successful not just in getting pussy but also in other areas of your life, a little bit of honesty and integrity goes a long way.