Real men want to know how to become a male escort

I can still remember the moment that I told my friends that I wanted to become a male escort. For the most part they all thought that I was crazy, but something also told me there might be a bit of jealousy at play. You see my friends are not as clean cut as I am, they never get as many dates and I’m certain that they don’t pull as much of the good stuff as I do either.

They tried to tell me that I just wouldn’t be cut out to entertain women for hours on end. I knew that I could prove them wrong and in doing so I would also prove to myself that I can not only do this, I can be one of the best straight male escorts that you’ve ever seen. There is a huge demand for them at the moment, that mainly stems from women we are seeking genuine and caring men to share fun times with. You’ve got to strike while the kettle is hot and if you miss out that is going to really get you on the downside. That isn’t going to be much fun for you, or anyone that happens to be unlucky enough to be around you.

An evening spent enjoying a fine meal and maybe a romantic dance isn’t going to be what everyone wants. Being an escort you need to ensure that no matter what mood you happen to be in, you don’t bring it to your date. I might be having a bad day but you can trust me that I am nothing but professional. I think it’s what pisses my friends off the most, not only am I now a popular escort, I’m also getting to date and spend time with some seriously hot looking girls!

Seductive Escorts Provide Discreet Services

Laura Escort in London

There is no paper trail when you go through elite agency, Escort in London. All transactions are made in cash only with no credit card charges as evidence of your erotic rendezvous. All of the girls are very good at keeping things discreet, and unlike with a mistress, you don’t have to worry that an escort will threaten to tattle on you. Beautiful girls are fully available to you 24/7 and no one has to know that you use the service. No one but you and the girls. Being a sexy little secret is just part of their job.

Even if you are booking these London escorts for social situations, they will happily play the part of your date. No one will be the wiser that their time is being paid for. Impress the people around you with the gorgeous girl on your arm. Make an ex jealous. Gain the attention and curiosity of women who never noticed you before. These elite escorts will help you with whatever you need.

Classy London Escorts To Show Off

Rachel Heathrow Escort Service

If you have an event to attend in London, you can book a sexy escort as a date. When you go through, you can look forward to a woman with class and sophistication joining you. Nobody but the two of you will need to know that you hired her. She can play the role of smart and attractive date very well. The agency only selects women who are a total package of beauty and brains, so that they can best meet all of the needs of their clients. Of course, lots of men choose escorts for reasons other than showing off. Some just like to have sexy women to share their bed with.

When looking for a cheap escort Ealing has great options as does the rest of London. Once you have made the decision to meet with one, call the agency to arrange it. Be sure to let them know if there are any special requirements such as event dress code. You are going to have a great time.

Babes By the Hour in London

Brandy Girls London Escorts

You don’t have to have a lot of time to enjoy the company of a sexy London escort. If you have one thing in mind for your time and are fine with getting it done and going on with the rest of your night, you can certainly employ the services of one hour escorts in London. Rates begin at just £100 an hour and taxi fare, so these women are really quite affordable.

Of course, most men find that an hour simply isn’t enough for all that they want to do. That is fine too. These beautiful women will stay overnight for just £700 and the cost of their cab ride. They can stay with you in your room or you can hit the town and enjoy the night life together. Dinner, dancing, and thrilling eroticism can all be yours.

Pay for a London Party Girl and Have a Wild Time

Sandra Escort

A fun time is just around the corner when you book a fun and feisty girl through London’s party girl escort agency. You can have the time of your life with a call girl that will keep you feeling energized. The vast majority of their ladies are between 18 to 30 years-old and up for just about anything in the London area. Starting at a very reasonable £100 and cab fare, you can book a babe for an hour or overnight.

Not in the mood for a party, but would rather spend a passionate evening in your home or hotel room with a high class vixen that will see to your every sensual need? You can find the perfect girl for that as well. In fact, just about any type of babe you want, can be found waiting for you through this agency. Visit to choose your companion now!

London Escort Girls Best Satisfying the Intimate Needs of High Profile Clients


The elite call girls in London are the most preferred babes in the city who have got the looks, appeal, size and charm to overwhelm any individual who has come to enjoy some passionate and intimate moments of love and lust and go home thoroughly satisfied. The VIP escorts in London are the hottest of divas who knows how to best satisfy the burning desire of a guy from within and they are the ones who knows the art and trick of seduction and lust that provides the ultimate satisfaction to a guy who is on a mission to quench his carnal thirst.

The busty London escorts are simply sizzling divas or one can call them “sex bombshells” as they have got some wonderful assets in the form of full round breasts and butts that are just heavenly in every aspect. So, go for enjoying the ultimate incall & outcall services of one such sizzling hot British diva who has got the looks and curves to fascinate you every time.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use A London Escort


Right-wing conservative groups of all nations are on the attack when it comes to women who are employed in the world’s oldest profession. While many would agree that unregulated street corner female companionship is bad for society, you cannot say the same for the self regulated escort industry in large metropolitan areas such as London, England.

Escort agency operators like Maya London Escorts provide a higher level of service and safety than street corner girls. There are many good reasons to make use of their services and I will go through five of them below.

Agencies Provide Safe Incall and Outcall Companionship

When you go through an agency the girls are vetted and are representing a brand. So it is in the agencies best interest to provide you with a high quality girl who won’t play games with you. By that I mean she won’t riffle through your wallet while you are in the shower. With street corner girls you never really know who you just let into your home or hotel room.

Escorts In London Are Well Trained In Many Different Disciplines

Those girls on the street are trained in one thing and one thing only. But what if you actually need a date to a function or you want legitimate companionship, or a legitimate massage? Good luck getting that from anything other than an agency!

Having A Beautiful Woman On Your Arm Can Elevate Your Social Status

Let’s face it, when you walk into a room with the most gorgeous woman at the party on your arm everyone is going to assume you are a player extraordinaire. Your social status will receive an instant boost. People will want to get to know you and be like you.

The Total GFE

Many men who go on frequent business trips find that sticking to one girl is ideal in that it gives them a sense of stability and of being loved, and wanted. The total girlfriend experience allows high class escorts to provide you with a higher level of comfort and a mind altering experience that will leave you satisfied in more ways than one.

Escorts Have Never Been Cheaper

As the amount of competition between high class agencies like increases you make out like a bandit in several ways. You get the benefits of a free market economy by way of introductory price, quantity and quality of services provided for that price, and availability of women for short notice appointments.

There has never been a better time to experience all that London escorts can provide you. Book your appointment today at today!

Let One Of London’s Finest Callgirls Pamper You Tonight

London Babe Callgirls

When you want to get pampered and you are in London there is only one call you need to make. Let the fine callgirls of show you what it is like to get up close and personal with some of London’s finest escort babes!

Did you know that it only takes an hour or less for an escort to be at your door? That is of course if you waited until the last minute to make that call. If you were one of the smart ones and you planned ahead your girl can meet you at your hotel, or even at your airport gate at a time you specify.

Phone 0203 551 7249 right now and be smart about this. It only costs £110 and a taxi charge to make your night into a story you will want to tell for years to come.

Rentalic provides the best London escorts around!

London’s Hottest Naughty Girl Escorts

London naughty girl escorts

I have a strange fetish. It developed when I was in my teens and a girl next door to me caught me masturbating. Ever since then she used her secret to control me. She was a very naughty girl with a devious mind. Often she would make me go to school wearing her panties or she would make me masturbate for a select group of her naughty friends. Once we both grew up and went our separate ways I began to miss her so much that I made my way to London’s hottest naughty girl escorts. Now I can get that sick pleasure fix I am always craving and it only costs £150 if you use their apartment or £200 if the girls come to you.

When I confided in one of my friends he told me he thought it was odd to spend “so much money” to spend an hour with a girl. I think he missed the point. I don’t want to spend that time with just any girl. The London Playmates Escorts agency hooks me up with a girl who looks very much like my old friend and enjoys putting me through the wringer. So much so that it is like being transported back in time!

Let one of their expertly trained, enthusiastic bratty girls make you feel like a sugar daddy tonight!

Find A Beautiful Escort In London No Matter Your Tastes

Busty blonde escorts in London Brunette escorts in London Escorts in London

Mermaids of London escort agency has a beautiful escort in London no matter where you tastes may lie. As a full service agency they pride themselves in providing high quality escort in London. Finding one has never been easier with their simple to use website. You can find girls, book girls, see members only galleries of the girls and even find special deals!

Each of the escorts on has a page telling you her particulars. Included in them are their special services each offers on a case by case basis. It takes the questions and the awkwardness out of booking an escort. You can instantly see who is aligned with your own personal tastes.

Those who like to role play with their London escorts will enjoy the girls at Mermaids. Right on each girl’s page is a listing of her special lingerie and toys she can come equipped with, or have ready if you need an incall.

Don’t hesitate to visit the site and reserve your girl!

Cheap Croydon Escorts With High Quality Results

Cheap Escorts Croydon

Just because you are looking for cheap escorts in Croydon does not mean you have to put up with lack luster results. There are plenty of high quality escorts from countries like Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic that look amazing and offer top of the line service.

The Croydon escort scene has a lot of variation so no matter what your type of girl is you are sure to find her. Even if your type is an older woman. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, raven haired,  they have them all. The same goes with body types, breast sizes and all of that jazz. But there is one caveat: to find good cheap escorts Croydon has what you are looking for in both high quantity and high quality if you know where to look!

On you will find the hidden gems these guys put a spotlight on. Girls that might have otherwise been missed in a sea of available independent and agency escorts. This is a free service put up by men who got tired of seeing bad escorts pay their way to the top. Now you can piggyback on their hard work to avoid pitfalls and ensure you find the best match for your companionship needs.

An Escorts Directory Filled With Cheap Escorts In The UK

cheap escorts at Escorts Little Black Book

Finally there is a place you can go to find cheap escorts, not just in and around London, but all over England and Scotland. The has expanded to cover all of the nooks and crannies most escort directories miss. This opens up whole new areas for independent escorts to hookup with perspective clients such as yourself!

The best part about this site is that you don’t have to pay to use it. The escorts register themselves, or have agencies that register them, and the selection is unlike anywhere else. You can find girls of many different nationalities, body types, breast sizes, hair colors and prices per hour. The site makes it really easy for you to shop for your next escort as a consumer.

Since the vast majority of escorts on Escorts Little Black Book are independent of an agency you will often find cheap escorts. This is because they don’t have to pay any overhead to phone people, managers or anyone else. It also means that anything you give your escort is hers to keep!

Don’t think for one minute that a cheap escort is not as good as an expensive one. Once you look at the galleries you will find that many of these girls are drop dead gorgeous!

Head on over and find your next escort with the only black book online!

You Can Do A Lot, With A Busty Escort, In One Hour

hot London escorts

It is a pretty bold statement to make, claiming you can do a lot in an hour with one of London’s busty escort babes. I have no problem making this claim because I know it to be true. I know it to be true because I have first hand experience in booking them. I also know this to be the truth because everything you need to know about how to find, book and pack in a lot of fun into one hour with an escort is detailed on

Kathy, a busty London woman, gives you the highlights and the nitty gritty details on her own experiences with the girls of London. She even has a post about a MILF escort she brought home to her man. Nothing is left out of her accounts. You will definitely want to read them all.

Check this page out for her lesbian escort encounters!

Ideas for the Ideal London Escort Experience

lace white panties

Most men or couples looking for escorts in London make the same mistakes. Today I will help you to avoid making costly mistakes. I will also give you ideas on how to make your experiences with London escorts the best they can be. In the end you will come away much more confident in your endeavors with London’s sexy escorts.

First of all lets talk about prices. Did you know that certain agencies only employ women that are college educated? These girls are on the high end both intellectually and in how much you will have to pay to book them. In some cases rates can be negotiated, but agencies with very low rates won’t budge much, if at all. It never hurts to try saving a buck though. Be aware that if you go for the low end in price you are also going to receive the low end girls.

Next lets talk about what to do with the girl or girls you book. You are not restricted to dates in your hotel room. You can take the girls to dinner, out for drinks or to a club for dancing. If the sun is still up a university educated girl can show you around the city. The options are only limited to your budget.

To continue read more about sexy escort in London at

Petite London Babes Willing To Do Anything For You, Daddy!

petite escorts

When men come to London looking for petite escorts they are often looking for girls who look like they could be young enough to be their niece. You can find petite escorts who look amazing wearing all of the sexy things younger girls like to wear like mini-skirts and skimpy panties with frilly lace. All you have to do is visit to read about how to book a petite escort.

Before you get a girl decide what you really want. Do you want her to be so young looking her body appears nubile with A-cup boobs and a nice gap between her legs even when she is standing with her legs together? Do you want her pubic hair waxed off so her vagina is as smooth as it can possibly get? These are all things you should consider and remember to request if you are interested in an age play escort.

Just know that making such requests can add to the price of your girl and can require longer companionship times. But if you are indeed a sugar daddy and money is not a concern the sky is the limit!