Real men want to know how to become a male escort

I can still remember the moment that I told my friends that I wanted to become a male escort. For the most part they all thought that I was crazy, but something also told me there might be a bit of jealousy at play. You see my friends are not as clean cut as I am, they never get as many dates and I’m certain that they don’t pull as much of the good stuff as I do either.

They tried to tell me that I just wouldn’t be cut out to entertain women for hours on end. I knew that I could prove them wrong and in doing so I would also prove to myself that I can not only do this, I can be one of the best straight male escorts that you’ve ever seen. There is a huge demand for them at the moment, that mainly stems from women we are seeking genuine and caring men to share fun times with. You’ve got to strike while the kettle is hot and if you miss out that is going to really get you on the downside. That isn’t going to be much fun for you, or anyone that happens to be unlucky enough to be around you.

An evening spent enjoying a fine meal and maybe a romantic dance isn’t going to be what everyone wants. Being an escort you need to ensure that no matter what mood you happen to be in, you don’t bring it to your date. I might be having a bad day but you can trust me that I am nothing but professional. I think it’s what pisses my friends off the most, not only am I now a popular escort, I’m also getting to date and spend time with some seriously hot looking girls!