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A little back story. I used to turn women’s heads when I walked into the room as a buff twenty-something year old. Women of all ages wanted me and I bedded a lot of them. But then I hooked up with the love of my life and I swear she fattened me up on purpose. Women still find me attractive every now and then, but not like before when I had a fit body and a full head of hair. Over time the love of my life wanted sex less and less. She said it was something genetic. The same thing happened to her mother and her mother’s mother. They went over the hill and the transmission fell out in the process. Her lack of sex drive was driving me insane. Then she told me it would be okay if I strayed while I was in London for a business trip. I just had to promise her it wouldn’t get back to her and that I wouldn’t bring home some disease. I tried to act like I could never do such a thing on the outside, but on the inside I was giddy with excitement.

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I am lighting the love candle from both ends!

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